Factors To Consider When Buying An Indoor Ceiling Fan

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Choosing an indoor ceiling fan can be a tedious process considering there is a large number of varieties in terms of size, designs, and color. Ceiling fans come differently to suit specific locations ranging from outside the house like the pouch to other private areas like bedrooms. If you are looking to install a ceiling fan inside your home, below are essential tips that will guide you to ensure you get a type that will work efficiently.

How to Choose the Best Indoor Ceiling Fan?

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Blades are an essential factor in any type of ceiling fan because they determine how much airflow you will get in any specific area. They come in different sizes and designs to suit various purposes. The particular indoor space where you want to install a ceiling fan will determine the size, amount, and shape of blades you can choose. One common assumption is that a ceiling fan with many blades provides a high amount of airflow; however, this is not the case. Ceiling fans with a lesser number are more efficient. Also, the angling of blades is vital since it determines whether the flow of air is sufficient or not.

Dimensions Of The Room.

When choosing an indoor ceiling fan, the primary determinant of the type is the size of the room. A small ceiling fan will not work efficiently in a larger area like a living room; therefore, you should establish the size of the room. The best way to get the actual dimensions of a place is by measuring the height and square foot. The size of the blades should go hand in hand with the size of the room to guarantee it gives the right amount of air.

Height Of The Ceiling.

Ceiling fans come with a rod which enables them to extend and not touch the roof to avoid contact that may result in accidents. When selecting the size of the rod, you should consider the height of the ceiling in the room you want to place it. If the ceiling height is quite low, then your choice of ceiling fan should have a short rod for the safety purposes of your family members. However, if your type of ceiling is more than ten feet high, then a ceiling fan with a longer rod will be able to provide enough air to cool down your room.


Ceiling fans come in large varieties, and all of them work in different ways. A poor choice of a ceiling fan will consume high amounts of electricity and leave you paying substantial electricity bills. The best types of indoor ceiling fans have an energy star rating. The star guarantees it is more efficient than any other brand. Also, models that come with a lighting kit are better than those without the combination. You should check on the number of watts the fan will require to operate. The recommended amount is anything below 70 watts.


Just like any other household appliance you might purchase, the amount of money you spend determines the service it will offer. You might come across cheap ceiling fans, but in the long run, they turn out to have a lot of disappointments. A good quality fan can be costly, but you are guaranteed to have a good summer experience. It will run without producing any noises or getting wobbly when you increase the speed; also, spending more ensures you a type that has a control system that you can operate from any part of the room.

Final Words

The above tips will ensure you choose an indoor ceiling fan that will serve you efficiently and for more extended periods. You get to have peace of mind and focus on other issues you might have since it will cool down your house to desired temperatures and not expose you to any safety risks.