4 Tips For Choosing A Mop For Concrete Floors

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Mopping the floors doesn’t however have to be as nerve-wracking as some people put it. With the right tools, keeping the house clean is relatively easy, simple, and enjoyable.

Shopping for the right mop for your concrete floor is the first step to keeping your home clean. Outlined below are a few tips on how to choose the right mop for a concrete floor.


4 Tips For Choosing A Mop For Concrete Floors

choosing mop for concrete floors

1. Consider The Mop Material

All mops aren’t made or designed the same. Some mops are meant for waxed glossy floors, while others will do better on smooth concrete surfaces and such. That said, you need to know what the ideal mop yarn for the mop head is for a concrete floor.

Here, you can choose from the cotton yarn mop, microfiber yarn mop, polyester yarn, and polyester and viscose yarn. Cotton yarn, for example, is commonly preferred if your home rarely comes into contact with loads of grime.

Cotton yarns are however less durable though have excellent absorption for fine dirt and dust and other small particles. Polyester yarn is however recommended for surfaces that often get dirtier (such as the kitchen floor) and lasts much longer too.


2. Type Of Mop Head

The mop head determines how much moisture/water the mop can absorb at a go. For hard surfaces such as concrete, you will want to go for mop head with the best absorbent quality, little to no linting, and longer yarns.

The longer yarns make it easier to clean vast spaces without ever worrying about fibers being left behind as you mop. Be sure to talk to the sales agent for help choosing just the right mop head for specific applications.


3. Consider The Type Of Handle

Mopping through vast concrete spaces can be draining at times. This is why you need to choose a mop handle that is not only easy on your hands and grippy but strong and lightweight.

The handle should also make it easy to attach and detach the mop head with ease with no screws or tools needed to make it happen. Some suppliers will provide color-coded mop handled for a number of reasons. It would however be advisable to buy a mop handle and head from the same manufacturer for combability.


4. The Mop Bucket

A good mop bucket should be easier to handle and come with an ergonomic strainer. In addition to this, the bucket should make it easy to drain the dirty water easily without splashing it all over.

You can however choose between a single mop bucket, ., and a wheeled mop bucket with a wringer. Mop buckets with a wringer however more preferred on concrete floors for a number of reasons.

One of the obvious reasons is the fact that it allows you to strain the mop head quickly and efficiently without getting your hands dirty.


Final Words

These are but just a few tips and factors to consider when shopping for a mop for concrete floors. Researching more on various manufacturers and the benefits of the various mops on the market will give you a better idea of what to invest in.



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