How Does A Mattress Steam Cleaner Work?

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Over time, mattresses can become quite dirty. Skin flakes, sweat, urine, dust mites, and other contaminants can become trapped in the fabric, creating an unsanitary environment for sleep. Issues like these can also aggravate allergies and asthma.

Unfortunately, cleaning a mattress isn’t always easy. Traditional cleaning methods usually involve using a lot of water. Since mattresses have multiple layers of padding, it can take them a long time to dry if they become wet. That is why most experts advise against wet cleaning methods.

Instead, the best way to clean a mattress is by using low-moisture steam machine. Keep reading to learn more about how a mattress steam cleaner works. Once you understand the benefits of steam cleaning, you will no doubt want to try this cleaning method on your own mattress.

The best steam cleaners for mattress work by heating water up to a temperature that is higher than its boiling point. This creates steam. The steam is then forced out of the machine through a special attachment.

Because the steam coming out of the machine is so hot, it naturally kills bacteria, dust mites, mold, and other contaminants. Thanks to its high temperature, it also dries exceptionally quickly. That means that it won’t leave your mattress wet after you are done cleaning it.

Easy Setps for Mattress Steam Clean

Using one of these machines to clean your mattress is easy.

  • Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions, adding as much water as they recommend to the machine. Next, turn it on and wait for it to begin generating steam.mattress steam clean
  • While it is warming up, thoroughly vacuum the surfaces to be cleaned, removing any loose hair, skin flakes, or debris. Use the crevice attachment to get into the seams of the mattress, as well.
  • Once the steam cleaner is ready, use the upholstery attachment to clean your mattress. Run the steam cleaner over the surface of your mattress, making sure that you treat every part of it. Try to move quickly. Avoid spending too much time on any one area. Otherwise, that part of the mattress may become too wet, taking longer than the rest to dry.

Special Notes

Even though your mattress will most likely feel dry to the touch almost immediately after cleaning it, you should still wait at least a few hours before putting sheets or blankets on it. This will give any moisture that made its way into the lower layers of the mattress enough time to thoroughly dry out.

how to steam clean mattressIt is important to make sure that the mattress is completely dry before you put your bedding back on. Otherwise, you could experience problems with mold or mildew.

Mattress steam cleaners work by using hot steam to kill germs, bacteria, and dust mites. They heat water to an extremely high temperature, creating hot steam. The heat from the steam kills bacteria without the need for chemicals. That means that you don’t have to worry about using harsh cleaning products on your mattress.

Since the steam from the machine doesn’t have a lot of moisture, mattresses dry quickly after steam cleaning. That is why this is the recommended method for cleaning and disinfecting mattresses.

How to Steam Clean Mattress?

3 Top Rated Kelty Tents on Amazon

Kelty is a well-known manufacturer when it comes to camping accessories which include backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. To make sure you choose the best Kelty tent for either family or personal use, here is a list of 3 of the best Kelty tents on the market.

1. Kelty Acadia – 4 Person Tent

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The Acadia is a roomy and large tent for families that comes with wide doors along with ample space inside to store your indoor accessories and your bags. Some of the top features associated with this tent include the 3-pole design which ensures easy setup, mesh wall-panels for ventilation and easy visibility along with enough space to comfortably accommodate 3 people to 4 people.

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2. Kelty Salida – 2-Man Tent

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This tent is made to provide exceptional comfort for three seasons of the year. The Salida 2 man tent is an ultra-light, all-around backpacking tent. Weighing in at just 3 pounds the tent measures 55x43x88 inches.

Some of the high-end features that make this 2-person tent so popular include the single large-sized door, 2-pole design for an easy setup, a single vestibule along with around 10 sq feet of vestibule-space which increases the overall stability of the tent. The sleek dimensions of this product also make it a breeze to store away while traveling.

3. Kelty Grand Mesa – 2 Man Tent

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The Grand Mesa 2-Tent also comes with standing poles made from aluminum which increase rigidity and stability, along with color-coded clips that do away making the mistake of feeding your poles into an incorrect sleeve, and rigid construction to stand up to adverse weather conditions. Weighing in at 4 pounds this tent measures 57x43x85 inches.

This tent is made from waterproof fabrics, which means it is the ideal choice for rainy seasons. According to many reviews, the overall performance associated with this tent is exceptional. There are loads of features for users to enjoy, along with an attractive price tag which makes this product affordable to the majority of users.

The Kelty Grand Mesa 2 man tent is one of the backpacking tents that offers several features at an attractive price. These tents are designed to provide exceptional service and comfort for 3 seasons, without having to worry about any discomfort or leakages. The single vestibule, 2 poles and the large door make this the ideal choice for 2 people. It also offers a free-standing design which means you can easily move your tent around your campsite.


When comparing these 3 Kelty tents, the Acadia 4-Person Tent is rated as the best in this category for living in a tent outside. These tents are spacious enough to house 4 people in comfort. It also offers a simple setup process and 2 large windows and doors to allow air in while still managing to ensure bugs do not make their way into your sleeping space.

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What Is a Summer Tent?

Summer is an excellent time for the camping adventure. Each summer holiday can be significantly enhanced by night out below the stars. One essential item for the gear to carry on your next tour is a high-quality tent meant for summer nights. There are several various tent designs available, and you can either go solo, bring a few friends, or adventure with the complete family.

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